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Jun. 16th, 2006 | 03:52 am
posted by: crucifix in lol_aol

[03:49AM] IRL friend: but yeah I'm a sex addict
[03:49AM] IRL friend: you should know, I bought a dildo remember?
[03:49AM] haatorii: Oh no, I didn't forget.
[03:49AM] haatorii: Trust me.
[03:49AM] IRL friend: that thing was a bit large
[03:49AM] haatorii: That dildo was too funny to ever forget.
[03:49AM] IRL friend: lol
[03:50AM] IRL friend: I melted it to someones car
[03:50AM] IRL friend: so the balls were all over the hood ornament
[03:50AM] IRL friend: and the penis stuck straight into the air
[03:50AM] haatorii: Haha that is the gayest fucking car ever.
[03:51AM] IRL friend: HAHAHAHA
[03:51AM] IRL friend: it is
[03:51AM] haatorii: But that car does have a huge purple penis now, it has bragging rights to the other cars.
[03:51AM] IRL friend: yes it does
[03:51AM] IRL friend: a large purple penis
[03:51AM] haatorii: That made my morning.
[03:51AM] haatorii: To hear that.

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